The General Agricultural Animal Competition for young professionals

Find out more at the General Competition for Young Professionals. 

The General Agricultural Competition was also set up to promote teaching about farming

With this in mind, it organises two specific events:

  • The Young People's Animal Judging Competition (CJAJ)
  • The European Competition for Young Professionals in the Wine Sector (CJPV).

These are both European competitions. The CJPV is open to students studying farming, hotelery and business, as well as young professionals – people who have recently set up as farmers or wine producers.

The young people's animal judging competition

In this competition, young students from agricultural schools or recently established young farmers are judged on their aptitude for scoring the qualities of cattle, sheep, goats, draught horses and riding horses.

Candidates judge animals using a set of criteria:

  • Body characteristics,
  • Corpulence,
  • Musculature,
  • Specific body parts,
  • Stand,
  • Gait,
  • Animal's general appearance.

The purpose of this competition

Raise young people’s awareness of the importance of the physical characteristics of breeding animals,
Encourage professional training in this area by breeding organisations, agricultural schools, technical institutes and regional breeding establishments.
Following these regional heats and the national finals (which are held in Paris during the Agricultural Show), awards are presented.


  • Showcase dairy or suckling cow rearing at the teaching farms of agricultural schools,
  • Highlight the work done by secondary schools in training pupils in the field of animal genetics,
  • Strengthen the partnership between teaching and professionals,
  • Help create a modern image of cattle rearing.

This competition is jointly organised by the magazine L’Eleveur Laitier, La France Agricole and the Paris International Agricultural Show.

The European Competition for Young Professionals in the Wine Sector

This competition showcases the wine-tasting skills of future young professionals in the wine sector.


  • Raise young people’s awareness of the importance of tasting in their line of work,
  • Encourage professional training in this area.

After the regional heats and the national finals (which are held during the Paris International Agricultural Show), the awards are presented.

For further information, visit the General Agricultural Competition's website

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